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Readers' Survey

The Outdoor Life magazine readersí»survey reveals that a major part of them is China Outdoor Life page 6 / 9 white-collar with an annual income above the average. Most of them have a car and their own house with passion for traveling. They take most of holidays, weekends or annul leave in a preference of outdoor activities with families or friends.


Data source: An analysis on Readersí» Survey, Outdoor Life Issue 6, 2009
Reading Behaviors
Readers of Outdoor Life show a high preference and great concern over the magazine.
 Exclusive  Readers  73% of readers consider Outdoor Life as their only choice for outdoor activity  magazine.
 69% of readers acquire Outdoor Life through buying on their own or by family members. They are active readers of Outdoor Life. Among readers above, 12% are subscribers and 57% buy retail.
 Reading Time  Averagely, readers spend 65 minutes on each issue of Outdoor Life. In average.
 Ad Awareness  84% of readers see ads when reading Outdoor Life. 56% of readers go into the ads  details.