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The Outdoor Life gives manufacturers, brand owners and distributors the opportunity to showcase their brands and products for the outdoor community. By advertising with Outdoor Life, you can influence retailers and buyers, support your sales force during selling campaigns, educate store employees on your products, increase awareness of your brand, sharpen your image within the outdoor community and send your message to key industry players.

As it encourages the in-depth engagement of readers, the Outdoor Life Magazine offers advertisers increased visibility and the opportunity to make a more lasting impression through print. The Outdoor life believes strongly in the value of the print medium and the effectiveness of a more tangible advertising platform.

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Material Technical Information and Notes

1. Issue Date: The first day of the month; Ad Close: 20th every month.
2. Film and Material: 4 color film (Line Screen: 175, Bleed: 3mm, a color proof should be attached) CD format: 300dpi in TIFF format.
3. Advertisements are subjected to Advertisements Law of the Peoples Republic of China and related laws.
4. Please specify the use of the materials .Press release for product, story proposals or advertising.