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Ski Special Issues

The Outdoor Life magazine seeks to capture the spirit outdoor activities and promote a healthy low carbon outdoor life. Our readers love outdoor sport activities and are serious about their passion for the outdoor activities, whether it be a simple day hike or holiday vacation. We provide with useful information, practical guidance and interesting contents. Columns are Intelligence Forum, Good Place, Outside Class, Go Far Away, On the Road, Tests, Holiday Guide etc. Outdoor Life boasts the slogan: "Go outdoors for an enjoyable life".

The Outdoor Life Magazine Skier Edition provides information about ski industry for skiers and snowboarders. This will benefits the players in the industry.

Editorial Calendar For two Skier's Issues

Skier's Special Issue No.1: December 1
Spotlight: Lifestyle in Winter:- Whiter Holiday Submission
Deadline: October 15

Skier's Special Issue No.2: January 1
Spotlight: Equipment Ski for speed or challenge terrains Submission
Deadline: November 15

For those two issues, all the columns are for ski related contents. For instance, Good Place , will introduce ski resorts. Outside Class will show the best ski school or instructors and how they educated customers with safety and funs.

Planned editorial is tentative and subject to change without notice

. Sample of 2011 Ski Issue

. Sample of 2010 Ski Issue: Ski in Chamonix

. Sample of 2009 Ski Issue: Ski in Neseco