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Outdoor Life Magazine
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Outdoor Life Magazine

The Outdoor Life magazine seeks to capture the spirit outdoor activities and promote a healthy low carbon outdoor life. Our readers love outdoor sport activities and are serious about their passion for the outdoor activities, whether it be a simple day hike or holiday vacation. We provide with useful information, practical guidance and interesting contents. Columns are Intelligence Forum, Good Place, Outside Class, Go Far Away, On the Road, Tests, Holiday Guide etc. Outdoor Life boasts the slogan: "Go outdoors for an enjoyable life".

Fast Facts

* Published monthly. Two special issues for ski a year.

* Total circulation of 86600 monthly.

* Reaches broad spectrum of age groups.

* Readers travel frequently, lead active and fashion healthy lifestyles, and share a passion for outdoors activities.

 Gender  63% of readers are male while 37% are female
 Age  71% of readers aged from 28 to 45. The average age of readers is 32.
 Educational  Level  94% of readers hold college and above degree
 Income  The average annual income of readers is $9000. 58.1% of readers have an annual income above $9000.
 Occupation  52% of readers are in commerce, finance and IT industries.
 Position  63% of readers hold a middle manager or senior manager position.

In the winter, the two special issues of the Outdoor Life magazine targets on snowsports. We provide Ski tips, Ski industry news, Ski Fashion, Where to go etc. All of them written by export skiers, showing great stories of ski venture trip or their vacations , what equipment they brought, where and how they went for ski.

As we are the role of facilitating communication amongst the outdoor industry community .we welcome related news from companies, ski resorts , retailers, sales agents, associations, non-profits and individuals.