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China Ski Market Introduction

The ski resorts in China have bloomed from 9 into over 200 in just 15 years and skier and snowboarder population dramatically increased from 500 to 10 million skier visitors in 2009-2010 season (data from China Snowsports Association). The fast movement echoes China automobile market that has grown into the worlds largest one within 30 years. It is also foreseeable that skiers who take vacations abroad will duplicate the phenomenal of China automobile market.

In the past several years, China has been continually keeping GDP growth above the 8%-10% per year and the GDP per person has reached the 3000US$, which is a threshold of income for person taking vacation aboard according to experiences of United States and other developed countries. However, more than 90% of China skiers or snowboarders exceeds 6000US$ annual income. We believe, as the China automobile industry has proven before, the ski trips or vacations will soon bloom. The resorts which matched above 4W&1H , would attract huge visitors from China in nearly coming years.

According to China Snowsports Association, the most of the 200 ski resorts are located in Beijing, Northeast and Northwest of China. During the 2008-2009 ski season, there are about 6000 peoples take ski vocations out of China and most of them are from Beijing. It has 15% increased annually in recent years. Here are the most important characters of China skiers or snowboarders.

1. High-income which travel abroad for vacations once or twice a year in average.
2. Passionate about skiing with strong desires for better equipments and much skiing experiences.
3. Middle or low level in English skills.
4. Choose well-known ski resorts to go.

The Outdoor Life Magazine thoroughly understood China ski market. Skiers who visit a foreign ski resort, with following 4W&1H keynotes to select a destination:

When: Christmas Day, New Years Day, and Chinese New Year (China Spring Festival) are peak season for traveling abroad. Generally, it takes 10-15 days for the vacation.
Where: America, Canada, Switzerland, France, Japan, Austria or New Zealand. These most popular ski resorts are the highest possibility destination to visit.
What: Most important factors are snow quality, and a wide range of terrain for skiers to explore, which including powder, glades, groomed trails, steeps, bumps for intermediates and experts. Besides, accommodation and food, unique features such as helicopter skiing are as well considered.
Who: Family, passionate-for-ski friends or ski club numbers.
How: Information regarding ski resort, experiences view or recommendation from skiers are most important factors to deicide, which including ranking or rating of a ski resorts, easy transportation, accommodation & food, and local sight-seeing are helps to choose a destination.