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China Civil Aviation Magazine
Local Power in China
Rates & Dimensions

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Ad Size Trim D x W (mm) Type Area D x W (mm) Bleed D x W (mm)
Double Spread Page 285×420   291×426
Full Page 285×210 260×183 291×216
Half Page Vertical 285×105 260×90 291×108
Half Page Horizontal 142×210 130×183 145×216
1/3 Page Vertical 285×70 260×61 291×73
1/3 Page Horizontal 95×210 86×183 98×216
1/4 Page Vertical   130×90  
1/4 Page Horizontal   65×183  
1/6 Page Vertical   86×90  
1/6 Page Horizontal   43×183  
CCA is able to offer guaranteed special positions. Please contact us for the most current information available.
Special Positions Size
Front Cover Full Page
Inside Front Cover (IFC)
Page Facing IFC
Page Before Copyright Page
Page Facing Copyright Page
Page Facing Table of Content Page
Inside Back Cover (IBC)
Page Facing IBC
Back Cover
Inside Front Cover (IFC) + Page Facing IFC Double Page Spread
Double Page Spread Before Copyright Page
The 1st Spread after Content Page
The 2nd Spread after Content Page
Table of Content Page Half Page
Company/Product Advertorial Full Page (2500 words per page)

Film and Material

Preferred Materials
* Positives, right reading, emulsion side down.
* Film must be in one piece with all line and tone copy in position, with register marks.
* We accept CD-Rom/Email material (PDF/EPS/JPG format with more than 300dpi)
Line Screens
300dpi, 175lpi
Translation of Advertisement Text
* Translation of advertisement text to Chinese and new text film made by CCA magazine is at no charge, upon request.
* All advertising copies to be translated into Chinese that are integrated into the illustration/art must be supplied separately with the position indicated on an overlay.
Material Delivery
Attn: Mrs. Lilian Li
Address:Suite 302, Tower A, Hua Zun Mansion, No.29A, Central Bei San Huan Road, Beijing, P.R. China, 100029
Tel:8610-82025566 Fax:8610-82025656,

Special Opportunities

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>> Direct Mail
>> Reprints
>> Advertorial
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>> Special Advertising Section: Special Report
Please contact us for the most current information available.