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China Civil Aviation Magazine
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About The Magazine

As the official publication of CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) – in continual production since 1975 – China Civil Aviation (CCA) magazine (the former China Civil Aviation Economy and Technology, CAET) has remained at the forefront of the industry's development.

Our aim is to inform the industry’s key players of the latest developments in the industry – the vital knowledge which will helpthem make important business decisions.

The Most Authoritative Industry Magazine

>> CCA is the official publication of CAAC, which is empowered to use “China” in its name and the logo of CAAC on its cover.

>> CCA is the official voice of CAAC, supporting CAAC's mission and vision, releasing CAAC's policies, regulations and the leaders’ important speech.

>> We are honored to invite CAAC’s leaders to take positions in the CCA Editorial Committee. (Please see Exe. Committee)

>> As the official publication of CAAC, CCA is a must for president/vice president (as free subscribers) and department manager/vice department manager (as subscribers).

The Most Influential Industry Magazine

>> CCA has the widest circulation of 50,000 covering China's civil aviation industry. (Please see Circulation Breakdown).

>> CCA, the former China Civil Aviation Economy and Technology (CAET) magazine, ever since 1975, is the longest-history industry magazine in China’s civil aviation industry.

>> Government officials and technical staffs at all levels of the industry turn to CCA first for industry information and insights,and most readers are used to keeping it for further reference.

>>Each year, CCA attends and exhibits at major events throughout the world and we have bonus magazine/special issue distribution at these events, which causes great influence in the world civil aviation industry. (Please see Events).

The Most Established and Trusted Industry Magazine

>> Combined with topical and relevant features, CCA regularly features sections on Airport, Air Transportation, Aviation Industry, Aviation Safety and Security, Aviation Insurance, Air Worthiness and Maintenance, Air Traffic Management,Aviation Rules, Human Resources, Management, General Aviation, Policy Study, together with up-to-date news and views from across China.

>> Key columns/articles of CCA are written by the authorities who also are the policy-makers of the industry, explaining the policy and giving insight.

>> CCA is devoted to predicting and analyzing the direction of China's civil aviation industry, and studying the hot industry points.

>> CCA publishes the latest data and information including projects information, China's air traffic statistics, and the latest world traffic statistics (in exchange with Air Transport World magazine).

The Most Popular Industry Magazine Welcomed by Advertiser

>> With CCA's target readers locking the buyers and decision-makers of China's civil aviation industry including airlines, airports, ATM, etc, the advertising information would be spread directly and effectively to them.

>> CCA is the earliest industry magazine which launched advertising in China. In the past 30 years, nearly 300 domestic and international famous brands from 40 countries and regions have spread their image, products and services advertising as well as having technical articles published in this magazine. (Please see Part of Advertisers) You are able to view the website for China Civil Aviation Magazine at